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  • Write daily happiness moments in the Happy with .... diary
    Write daily happiness moments in the Happy with .... diary

    You probably remember it from the old days. A diary where you wrote all the experiences every day. A kind of reference work to see what happened that one day later. Not only the experiences, but also your feeling you could perfectly put in here. The good news is ... the diaries are back again. With the 'Happy with .... diary' you or your children can write down all the beautiful and fun experiences of the day. In this way you learn to enjoy the beautiful and especially small moments in life...

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  • Craft an airballoon
    Craft an airballoon

    Are you looking for a nice treat or a funny craft for your children? Craft with festive things from Joy & Co a happy balloon surprise! And for this creative work you do not have to make complicated things. Very suitable for busy mums and dads who may not have two right hands .... You can order all parts for this hot air balloon at Joy & Co. In all imaginable colors!

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  • Go Holland go !
    Go Holland go !

    There is plenty to do in football! And with various competitions in prospect, in the Netherlands and abroad, it is always a fun theme for a fun football party. For adults and children! You'll find everything here for a fun football party!

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  • Party with unicorn theme
    Party with unicorn theme

    A bit dreamy, fairytale and sweet but very sweet are the colorful unicorns. Really a theme for girls who like to dream about romantic unicorns with their girlfriends and love sweet colors. Cuddly and endearing but with lots of fun accessories to organize a party around this subject.

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  • Disposable cutlery and disposable plates
    Disposable cutlery and disposable plates

    Sometimes it's nice to be able to clean up after dinner, and quickly continue to speak to your guests. Disposable cutlery and disposable tableware is then a godsend. The cleaning up is then in any case so ready and actually everyone always wants to help.

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  • Cheerful paper straws and flexible straws for a party
    Cheerful paper straws and flexible straws for a party

    Really a festive face that colored paper straws in your drink. It may only look like a small detail, but the flexible paper straws have a big effect on the fun. Of course you have to make a little effort to take care of your party down to the last detail. Such a straw fits best with an exciting, exotic drink. Just snoop around for some good cocktails and you'll certainly score with your guests!

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  • nail polish party
    nail polish party

    A nail polish party can be a fun theme for a children's party, a bachelor party or for an afternoon or evening with the girls. All girls of all ages will love to paint each other's or your own nails at the table or to practice on a disc with fake nails. Let everyone use their imagination and there are the nicest combinations.

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  • Popcorn boxes for your party
    Popcorn boxes for your party

    Cheerful popcorn boxes for a party, fun night or children's party nice to dress. The popcorn bowls are available in different colors and designs and make a cheerful bunch of them. Nice as a treat, such a popcorn bowl, but also great as an eye catcher at a party.

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  • Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.
    Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.

    You organize a pirate party with the original pirate decorations from Joy & Co. Super cool such a pirate party and especially if you can dress everything in a pirate style. Treat, party and decorate; anything is possible with a pirate party. Very nice ideas with which you can give your sprout the best birthday of his life.

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  • Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day
    Tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day

    The end of the month is that time again, King's Day! A day that anything is allowed and the Netherlands turns orange. A nice day where there is plenty to do and see. A day that we go out en masse and can dress up with orange decorations. In short, a day to enjoy together and with these tips for a pleasant and unforgettable King's Day, that is a good thing!

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