Dear visitor,

I am Sabine Langerak, married and mother of 3 kids. A nice average family with all its troubles, such as the upcoming school choices, the birthdays, the holidays, the household, the finances and so on. The Joy & Co webshop has been active since 2011. A special company, started together with my brother and sister. A joint project that we have poured on with great pleasure and enthusiasm. As pioneers in a fairly new market, with a lot of potential, we have shaped the contours of Joy & Co with the three of us. On this solid foundation, I have gone solo. With great pleasure, I work daily on the further building of Joy & Co. Can not be otherwise, because with all these festive products it is a small party every day at Joy & Co! I can say that I found my way in party country.

For Joy & Co, I am always looking for quality products. Even though most articles in the webshop have a limited useful life, - a party does not last a lifetime - yet I find it important that it is good for that one time as well. And besides a good quality are colorful, cheerful and original features that give the product its festive character.

I often think: "If I am happy with my party supplies and colorful magazine, then others will feel like that too!" I hope I will a bit of that joy when I am processing your orders. By being busy with it every day, Joy & Co has become a passion.

I like to share my passion and enthusiasm with you. You are important to me and I hope that I, with the joyful products of Joy & Co, can provide you with a fun and cheerful party. That I can convey a very small piece of my passion through the festive articles of Joy & Co.

You know, life is a party .... but, you have to hang the garlands yourself!

Thank you and have fun shopping!


Joy & Co