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Posted in : "2019 - January"

  • Valentine's Day, the day of love
    Valentine's Day, the day of love

    It is almost that time again! Valentine's Day, February 14 to be exact, the day of love. On this day you may declare love to your beloved or maybe secret love. Buy a beautiful Valentinecard, speak a sweet message by phone or make a loving and pleasant evening. Celebrate love! ♥

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  • Halloween

    Halloween is an evil party from America. The children walk past the doors and ask 'trick or treat', indicating that they want sweets. Traditionally this festival comes from Ireland. The Irish walked the night before All Saints Day to ask for food for the feast on All Saints Day (November 1). The one who gave food would have prosperity in prospect.

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  • Baby coming? Be welcome little one!
    Baby coming? Be welcome little one!

    Pregnant in the family or circle of friends? Live with a sparkling baby shower. Super cozy to celebrate already that a little one is coming. Sharing experiences and the opportunity to surprise the mother to-be. Or just have a good reason to organize a fun party. At Joy & Co you will find very nice things to dress up a babyshower in style. With a pinch of imagination and creativity it becomes a bright baby party!

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  • nail polish party
    nail polish party

    A nail polish party can be a fun theme for a children's party, a bachelor party or for an afternoon or evening with the girls. All girls of all ages will love to paint each other's or your own nails at the table or to practice on a disc with fake nails. Let everyone use their imagination and there are the nicest combinations.

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  • Good idea: Paper plates and wooden cutlery with the BBQ!
    Good idea: Paper plates and wooden cutlery with the BBQ!

    Barbecuing is nowadays a big happening and therefore a cozy party with friends and family. Provided with tasty dishes and well-prepared meat and with festive accessories to make the festivities even bigger. Eating and drinking is a treat!

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  • Cheerful paper straws and flexible straws for a party
    Cheerful paper straws and flexible straws for a party

    Really a festive face that colored paper straws in your drink. It may only look like a small detail, but the flexible paper straws have a big effect on the fun. Of course you have to make a little effort to take care of your party down to the last detail. Such a straw fits best with an exciting, exotic drink. Just snoop around for some good cocktails and you'll certainly score with your guests!

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  • Smashing exam party
    Smashing exam party

    May is exam time. All students block themselves to get that much-coveted diploma. Just keep going and wait for the results. When all is finally done, then it's time to relax: exam parties! Cozy parties that continue until the small hours. Joy & Co makes it even more enjoyable!

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  • Long live the king!
    Long live the king!

    King's Day is a happy day where orange upstairs is still popular! This year, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visit Zwolle on 27 April. A day full of festivities that everyone can share. Either in Zwolle, or just at home and at school. We are already looking forward to it!

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  • Easter even cozier with Joy & Co
    Easter even cozier with Joy & Co

    Almost Easter! So quickly get some ideas at Joy & Co where you will find everything to make Easter a fun party. Especially the super cute cupcake toppers in the shape of bunnies are recommended for this occasion. At Easter everyone bakes something tasty and these bunnies make every cake or pastry a festive Easter cake.

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  • Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.
    Everything for a pirate party at Joy & co.

    A pirate party is organized with the original pirate decorations of Joy & Co. Super cool such a pirate party and especially if you can dress everything in pirate style. Treat, party and decorate; anything goes with a pirate party. Very nice ideas with which you give your sprout the most beautiful birthday of his life.

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  • Everything for your Netflix or movie night at Joy & Co
    Everything for your Netflix or movie night at Joy & Co

    January, February ... winter months. Boring, long, dark winter evenings? No! Ideal for organizing a nice evening at home! An exciting movie night, for example. With cola and popcorn in a popcorn bowl. Joy & Co has everything for a fun movie party. Popcorn bowls, garlands, paper cups with straws to dress up the movie night.

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  • Celebrate Valentine's Day with Joy & Co
    Celebrate Valentine's Day with Joy & Co

    Everything for your Valentine party can be found at Joy & Co. Everything revolves around hearts and hearts at Joy & Co. Surprise your lover with a loving private party where everything revolves around love. Romantic prints, sweet accessories and everything for an atmospheric Valentine's Day.

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